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Mr. Matthew A. Bryant
South Warren High School
8140 Nashville Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101

Working Together


Fall 2014 Bridge Building guidelines and requirements (.pdf)
Diagrams of Bridge Design/Construction Requirements (.pdf)
(special thanks to the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at the University of Akron)
Bridge Competition Grading Rubric (.pdf)

Design Plan is due Friday, November 7th, 2014
Completed Drawings and Bridges due by Friday, November 21st, 2014!
(no extensions or exceptions)
Testing will commence on Monday, November 24th, 2014.

Results from the Fall 2014 Model Bridge Building Competition are below:

1st Place Aesthetics--Ed Huzyak & Austen Seidler

2nd Place Aesthetics--Ian Harper & Sam Tuggle
3rd Place Aesthetics--Sydney Doose & Liam Wilson
Honorable Mention--Clay Scudder & Dylan Taylor
Honorable Mention--Natalie Poff & Heather Putman

1st Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Jonah Smith & Alton Taing holding 1767x its own weight
2nd Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Caroline Cowles & Lydia Jackson 1414x, Jack Broaddus & Jonathan Vinson 1418x
3rd Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Joe Anthony & Leo Thaweechok 1205x

Results from the Spring 2014 Physics Model Bridge Building Competition are below:
Google Spreadsheet of Results

1st Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Carrie Mahagan & Mason Strange  (1975x)
2nd Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Daman Patel  (1110x)
3rd Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Tyler Rich  (1005x)

1st Place Aesthetics--Joy Fan & Megan Johnson

2nd Place Aesthetics--Timothy Ford
3rd Place Aesthetics--Daisy Goatley
Honorable Mention Aesthetics--Ally Douglas

Results from the Fall 2013 Physics Model Bridge Building Competition are below!

1st Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Chandler Stephanski (1675x)
Truss style  1675x

2nd Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Austin Day & Jack McIntyre (1369x)
Truss Style 1369x

3rd Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Trevor Cline & Levi Curtis (975x)
Beam style 975x

3rd Place Strength/Weight Ratio--Tryston Peacock (969x)
Beam Style 969x

1st Place Aesthetics--Alex Kary
Alex Kary, 1st Place Aesthetics

2nd Place Aesthetics--Chance Smith and Luke Smith
2nd Place Aesthetics--Chance and Luke Smith

3rd Place Aesthetics--Trevor Hoffman & Caroline Simpson
3rd Place Aesthetics--Trevor Hoffman & Caroline Simpson

Honorable Mentions Aesthetics:
Will Baker & Will Barrett            Rachel Chute & Ally Jo Gregory
Honorable Mention Aesthetics        Honorable Mention Aesthetics

Below are projects completed at Mr. Bryant's previous school in Ohio.
Ready to test bridge Videoing Bridges
Bridge Testing Apparatus Beam Style Bridge 1
Beam style Bridge 2 Science Department Chair
Archbishop Hoban High School
Beam Bridge 3

Loading the Bridge
Carefully load testing a bridge...
Showing Off Her Bridge
So far so good...
Posing with Bridge
Proud of our bridge...
Bridge under load
Waiting for a bridge explosion!

These articles from the Pitsco Bridge Book may help you get started with your bridge:
Pitsco's History of Bridges (.doc)

Pitsco's Bridge Engineering (.doc)

Pitsco's Designing Your Bridge (.doc)

Pitsco's Building Your Bridge (.doc)
Balsa Wood Model Bridge

'06-'07 Egg Drop Project and the Impulse-Momentum idea...
Egg Drop Photo from the top Egg Drop in progress Egg Drop Survival!
Cassie and Jackie with their egg survival container Eggs away! Yes!  It survived!

'06-'07 Model Bridge Building Competion
Not only did Alex and Tim's bridge win most aesthetically pleasing, but it also held ~20 pounds despite its tiny mass of ~17 grams (paperclips)!

'05-'06 Science Olympiad--Mission Possible Competition
Andy, Lauren, and Steve with their successful Rube-Goldberg like Mission Possilble Device! YouTube video of the 2005 device in operation

'04-'05 Science Olympiad--Mission Possible Competition
TJ and Steve with their winning Mission Possible device

2005 Physics Mentorship in Modern Physics
TJ's cloud chamber sitting on dry ice--Alpha emitter streaks visible. YouTube video of TJ's cloud chamber